Our Speciality is Litigation Finance.

We connect our members with exclusive opportunities
in our sector offering uncapped earning potential.

Our goal at Greenpark Platinum is to help our partners benefit from our extensive experience and partnerships developed within the litigation finance sector.

Our focus is raising capital for high value litigation cases. We provide an institutional-grade structure at a lower entry point which enables our partners to demand yield and exceptional growth potential on capital introduced.


We aim to grow our partnerships globally, assist with project education and an understanding of how they fit into portfolios. Our partners will, in turn, enjoy a superior investor experience.


Our wealth of experience and reputation within the litigation finance sector allows us to access exclusive opportunities which cannot be accessed elsewhere.


Diversification in any portfolio is of vital importance. Our projects are largely uncorralated to global markets and property We are adding to our projects regularly to offer our members further opportunity to diversify.


Through our extremely robust due diligence process, the majority of our offerings are asset backed with high levels of collateral which has proven extremely effective in securing capital and producing returns throughout our history.

The Benefits

Working with Greenpark Platinum offers you an exciting opportunity within the Litigation Finance sector for both organisations requiring capital and members who want to participate this asset class.

Proven History

Our asset managers, who drive our global programs, have a long-standing history within the industry with an extensive global network which has been forged over the past 20 plus years.


Our partners take advantage of a passive income rate of between 8-10% per annum, which is fixed and not linked to the performance of any of the underlying cases. This means you have an opportunity to earn a passive income from one of the best low risk, short term investments available.


Our portfolio boasts numerous case studies which showcase high income and capital growth through the event-based payment system, assuring our members of an outstanding track record.

Exit Strategy

We provide short term opportunities of between 1-3 years with clear, defined exit strategies. This allows our partners to use our projects effectively in strategic planning.

Event Based Payments

These are variable payments linked to the performance of the underlying case, although not fixed nor guaranteed, they have proven to substantially enhance the generated returns for our members.

Low Stock Market Correlation

Our projects and associated income is largely unaffected when the stock market fluctuates, due to low association with the broader stock market industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information or enquiries, contact our experienced team at Greenpark Platinum.

What is Litigation Finance?
Litigation Finance is a Non-correlated asset class which produces strong and absolute returns.
What is the operating mechanism for Litigation Finance?
Value of litigation finance claims are not derived from or influenced by traditional asset pricing mechanisms like the stock markets and does not tend to move with fluctuations in the economy. This uniqueness therefore providing a more stable return on investment forecast.
If I invest how long will it be before I see a Return?
Commercial Litigation Finance tends to have a 1-3-year investment period, which an average duration of about 18 months per case (with duration differences relating to size, jurisdiction and case type).
Will I have any indication of how long the case will take?
Yes, as part of our member relations, and Terms and Conditions, you will receive updates as an investment programme progresses. This will be communicated through a secure platform to each member.
Are there any indicators that the claim will be a success?

a. Due to the high standard of proof required, the plaintiff will have to present to the court before a decision of viability is made. If the court agrees viability, this Is an indicator towards a successful claim.

b. In patent disputes, if the plaintiff passes through an “Inter-Parties” Review process, there is an increasing chance of settlement. This is due to the case being reviewed by Subject Matter Experts identifying the risks and potential of a successful claim.

How is my investment secured?

A matrix of security measures is implemented prior to any investor’s participation. This security is via a suite of corporate and director pledges granting ALL investors a Senior Secured position to all assets and notable all proceeds generated.

Via a suite of corporate and personal guarantees, issued by both the Note Issuer and the patent holder, the assertion proceeds are assured of being disbursed to investors first.