About us

Our speciality is litigation finance. We connect our members with exclusive opportunities in our sector offering uncapped earning potential.

Greenpark Platinum is renowned globally for raising capital in Litigation Finance cases. We continue to set the platinum standard within the industry. With successful partnerships conducted in the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia, Greenpark Platinum continues to grow and expand our private market place throughout the world.

At Greenpark Platinum we utilise our extensive knowledge and experience, to deliver unique short-term investment opportunities within the Litigation Finance Sector. Working in collaboration with our global network partners we provide assurance and security through our due diligence processes to provide non correlated assets and revenue streams for our members.

We work with Businesses and High Net worth Individual Investors to raise capital for the programmes, in turn providing a unique opportunity to diversify portfolios and generate returns that are not related to organisational performance or stock markets.

About Litigation Finance

Litigation finance, otherwise known as litigation funding, enables a third party to litigate or arbitrate without having to pay for it; either because they are not in a position to do so, or they choose to use another party's capital.

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Our core principles ensure we provide a comprehensive and unique service to our customers.

Our Processes

Our process framework provides assurances that risk, due diligence, security, and communication with our global resources has been conducted and is in place prior to investor engagement.

Helping you to understand the steps in your investment journey is key and ensures you have all the information and confidence to make your investment decision.

To see more about  commercial litigation finance please visit our ‘Our Processes’ in this website.

Our Global Partners

Green Park Platinum raises capital through its exclusive partnership with our Global Partners, a leading investment company with a network and experience track record of more than 20 years.

Exclusivity restricts direct contact with our Global Partners for individuals, with GreenPark solely responsible for the overseeing of capital raising sides and the adherence to terms therein.This provides a single and consistent point of contact for our customers throughout the investment programme.

Due Diligence

To ensure we have success with all opportunities, our programmes are passed through several due diligence validation steps.

These steps include:

  • Evidence requirements, intrinsic, and extrinsic to the organisation, to ensure validity of the claim.
  • Assessments from our global partners, domain subject matter experts.
  • Third Party Quantum Reports ensuring transparency, and objective conclusions.
  • Litigation funders agreement to progress with the programme.
    Agreement across all parties that a viable investment opportunity is present.

Only when these mandatory assurance steps have been validated, will we, as a capital raising entity approach our partners to consider an opportunity.

This provides you with the confidence and piece of mind that any investment proposition has been reviewed in full prior to distribution.

To know more about Due Diligence please visit ‘Our Processes’ in this website

Our Dedicated Customer Service

Your investment journey is of paramount importance to us. During all our investment programmes we provide continuous communication to ensure you have all the current information on the progress of your investment.

As you embark on your unique opportunity, you will be provided with support contacts and a secure environment for formal updates, including your individual investment information. As part of our growth strategy and as a valued investor you will be presented with outstanding investment opportunities through our global network channels.

Our long-term track record of success, high returns and profitable outcomes is testament and sets us apart from others in the industry. Our asset managers are proud to boast an impressive track record, which comprises a long-standing history in their industry and domain expertise in their associated asset class.


The use of our global network partners,and due diligence allows for a matrix of security to be implemented prior to any investor’s participation.

These security agreements include:

  • Capital and interest underwriting to ensure your investment is secure.
  • First in line for returns on investment, unlike dividends received from traditional share investments.
  • Security via a suite of corporate and director pledges granting all investors a Senior Secured position meaning directors are securing their individual assets against the investments instead of just the organisation in question.
  • Associated companies operating under the regulation of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Risk Management

Our processes and frameworks in place provide the foundation for us to manage risk effectively. Through our iterative process we can accurately weight risks to the context of the programme and forecast probability of any occurrence.

In conjunction with our experience, knowledge, and large network of partners we have therefore analysed and managed risk prior to investor engagement providing a secure investment opportunity.

Green Park Platinum is not a financial advisor and does not provide any financial advice to program participants, investors, clients, partners or members.