Case Review – Our Process

Now you’re beginning to understand the history and use of Litigation Finance, as an alternative, yet lucrative asset class, we’re going to look at why, but more importantly how, Greenpark Platinum ensures we work with the highest quality deals.

More than this, how by working with our Global Partners, we can source, review and approve funding that provides well vetted and structured opportunities in litigation led investments that seek to generate outstanding returns.

During the past twelve months, we received applications to finance the litigation of 25 lawsuits; of those, only 4 suits were accepted and were approved for funding; which represents just 16%

Why? Well, the 4 cases are the cases which, following an extremely robust due diligence process, are the ones expected to succeed and generate a significant return.
When an application for finance is received follow a rigid 4 stage proven review process, consisting of:


Stage 1 – Commercial Review.

Our Investment Adviser Partners, with proven processes, involves all major stakeholders to initiate and coordinate the due diligence process that is aligned to key criteria. This ensures that liabilities and damages are realistic in providing a commercial return for you.

Stage 2 – Legal Due Diligence

Our Global Partners’ Legal Teams assess the case. Quantification and evidence are key.

Stage 3 – Independent Legal Review

An independent panel of barristers are appointed to review the merits of each individual claim; chosen by jurisdiction and case type. The due diligence team utilises the experience and knowledge of attorneys from Global Law Firms who specialise in Litigation. An assessment report is created with a recommendation for acceptance or rejection.

Stage 4 – Investment Committee Review

The final stage of the due diligence process is undertaken by an independent panel who complete an appraisal of all information provided in the previous steps, before determining whether funding of the cases is approved.

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