Our clients are companies, or high net worth individuals looking to work with us on our exclusive non-correlated investment projects.

Greenpark Platinum partners and collaborates with an extensive private network of assured partners and high net worth investors to provide exclusive opportunities for good short term investments with high returns and excellent terms.

Stock Brokers

We work with reputable stockbrokers Globally, assisting with diversification for their clients providing additional revenue streams for capital introduced.

Independent Financial Advisors

Independent Financial Advisors looking for high quality alternative assets for their clients we offer both client and advisors with an effective short term investment process with high returns and preferential rates for capital introduced.

High Net Worth Individuals

We work with high net worth individuals and their advisors to attain high returns, passive income, and security with validated collateral. We offer a superior investor experience for our high net worth clients.

Corporate Clients

Our corporate clients require a return on cash reserves. Our projects meet these requirements due to the short-term maturity of between 1 and 3 years.

Lawyers and Accountants

Lawyer and Accountants generally understand Litigation Finance which makes collaboration with Greenpark Platinum and their network seamless.

Family Office

Family Offices work with us for diversifying portfolios and providing stability during volatile market conditions. Our projects are non-correlated to global markets and property, making our opportunities an attractive proposition.

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